Seeking solace beyond the wilderness

One of the beauties of the Mountains is they don’t ask you a thousand questions! For someone who seeks solace, the right place to do so is beyond the wilderness!

One can easily get lost in the sheer pleasure beyond any boundaries, closer to nature and to an ambitious height one can see without having to soar the skies. That is what the mountains do to me, more often than none. Hopefully soon, would want to go into this wilderness without any worries. And that’s probably when I’ll rekindle my first love, for writing, hopefully, catch up on some sojourns and lost time… Until then, here’s what I am thinking of today…

For the joy in traversing these mountains,

Sometimes I take pride in scaling them, the other time

I wander into the clouds where no one sees the sunshine!

It’s maybe here that I find my solace

Sometimes in Joy

Sometimes in sadness

Mountains never seem to disappoint

The adrenaline rush is sheer madness!




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