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What is it like to travel solo?

Answer by Srinivas Kulkarni:

Before I answer this question, one movie, a travel documentary that I’d reccommend everyone to watch is A Map for Saturday! Will be one of the best movies you’d have watched if the travel bug has bitten you.

Also I recommend Riding Solo To the Top of the World by Gaurav Jani & Dirt Track Productions. These two movies will put things into perspective 🙂

Now here’s my answer:

“To traverse beyond the limitations of my mind, I travel to look upon the journey within myself.”

This is one of the reasons I travel! Rather one major reason why I started travelling.  Most of  the times I travel alone. I’ve been an avid traveler for a while now and a majority of times I take off on an impromptu and on the spur of the moment trips going off wandering into the wilderness all alone. One of the reasons why I chose to travel alone a lot of times is that you get a lot of time to introspect. Introspect about many things in life. A lot of times you feel that you have within yourself a great amount of potential at a lot of things that you can achieve be it in professional or personal life. But a clutter of mindful journey that you take day in and day out with the people that you are around kind of restricts you sometimes in your way of thinking. A lot of times Traveling solo is more about the journey being experienced from a perspective of a focus that you won’t get otherwise.

Many times people say that traveling solo helps you discover yourself much better than when you would travel with your partner, friends or family or with a group of new people whom you have just met. While that gives a lot of opportunity to ensure that trip doesn’t become mundane or boring as you have company, it also pulls you down on your own journey. Depending on what all of you prefer or what certain peoples capacities are it may become difficult for the traveler who wants to explore certain things otherwise.

More often than none these are the benefits and this how I feel while I travel solo.

1. Feel liberated in terms of freedom, freedom from a lot of aspects of life that we go through when we live a mundane 9-5 kind of life.
2. Feel happy to have the flexibility to generally interact, talk meet and learn from various travelers on the road.
3. Since I get a lot of time to basically be on my own, it gives me a lot of time to catch up on my reading, watching movies on my phone, sometimes to write as well.
4. A lot of times it is good to travel alone as I don’t have to worry about managing things for others and if need be just hitchhike whenever needed. Stay at cheap places, even sleep in waiting rooms on railway benches, underneath the stars on the beach. Lots of flexibility that ways.
5. It gives me great opportunity to vary my schedule if need be. Altering schedules can be painfully tricky if there is a fixed plan to travel then things become more convenient.

But most of all traveling solo has taught me to overcome a lot of fears in life, metaphorically as well as practically. If you don’t know a direction in life, and you are one of em solo travelers you’ll always find your way… That’s my belief. Eventually enriching the way I live my life and of course grow as I broaden my horizon in life…

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What are the best places (other than famous ones) to visit in India?

Answer by Srinivas Kulkarni:

Trekking in the Himalayas

I’m an avid travel bloger and blog about my escapades regularlyhttp://www.srinistuff.com. I always enjoy trekking in the Himalayas,  An experience in the Himalayas itself is something that classifies as one of the best activities to do in India… Of course there are local terrains, local treks, mostly Shayadaris since I live in Maharashtra… But Himalayas is something else… A complete transition into a world that takes you to the best state of mind let alone the whole physical and spiritual experience engulfing you out there.

So far I’ve been on the J&K side of Himalayas, Leh & Ladakh part… Uttarakhand/Uttaranchal (Valley of Flowers) and Been to certain territories of North Eastern Himalayas with the Sandakhpu trek and a bit of Nepal with the journey towards various villages across the India Nepal border. It’s very tough to choose between all of these three trips. So I’d give list down a couple of treks that I did which fall among the best activities I’ve done in India. with a few images to give you an idea of how amazing the himalayas are…

Trekking in the Valley of Flowers (Uttarakhand) (14000 feet above sea level)

Starting from Haridwar, Rishikesh, we began doing some local sight seeing and exploring various aspects of Uttarakhand slowly moving towards desolation and complete bliss amongst nature. Uttarakhand in itself is a beautiful place with spirtuality integrates well with nature and the amazing landscapes and terrains find themselves accompanied with various significant mythological / religious / spiritual references from the vast history of India… All the 5 confluences while on your way towards Joshimath are something to look forward too… The beautiful Ganga river flowing all the way on your side accompanying you along on the road side. But the best experience begins when you reach Ghagaria ghat… after a tiring trek of 13kms which is more like 30 kms cause of it’s steep level of climb… From there on an early morning trek to the Valley of flowers where you could see the Himalayas at a glance is what you should enjoy the best… Some pictures of how the trek looks like…

The best time to go here would be between June and September. Ideally flowers bloom during this period and as a matter of fact, every week you’ll get to see a whole range of flowerbeds across the valley. When we went, we had a possibility of viewing a new flower that had bloomed in the valley and we were also told that in a span of 5 years, first time there was a glacier that appeared enroute the Valley of flowers.

Now that is something that sounded really amazing as this would have been the first time I’d ever get to see glacier, though technically not snow, yet something worth experiencing.

Trekking across Villages in Nepal (Sandakphu Trek) 14200 feet above sea level..

This experience was simply stunning only because of the most amazing  landscapes that we experienced on our way to the top, but also the amazing Nepalese culture that we got to encounter during our trip. One of the most interesting thing that amazes you on this trip is that constantly you are crossing borders between India and Nepal, but barring a few check posts, there’s hardly anything to distinguish whether you are in Nepal or India… Unless you have a trekking guide along with you. Which we had and a good one too. The whole aspect of the beautiful terrains  and landscapes, no connectivity and total realm of realism sinking in to each pore of your skin is something that gives you a joy that you realize is something that we people take for granted. We went in November, hence the cold weather was something to enjoy as well… Some of these glimpses will give you a better idea.

Overall this trek was a mix of both nature trail, wild mountains, and most importantly a different culture altogether. However, there are many infamous terrains in the Himalayas that I’m planning to visit, and get more experiences as these. My list of places in Himalayas would be:

1 Everest Base Camp
2. Gomukh Gangotri trek
3. Kangra Valley trek
4. Parvati Valley
6. Trekking extensively in Ladakh, Spiti
7. Dalhousie trek
8. Saur Kund and Saur Pass trek.
9. Kailash Manasarovar
10. Har Ki  Dhun.

As an avid traveler, travel blogger and trekker, I encourage a lot of people to try out experiences in Himalayas, for I can’t tell you how it is, you have to experience it yourself to know better. 🙂 Hope this answer helps people travel to India and experience Himalayas themselves…

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