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Park or Park Town?? – Marina Beach and More…

With barely two hours of sleep, I woke up at 4:55 AM in the morning… I had set three alarms just to make sure that I get up on time… On time to catch the Sunrise at Marina Beach… Last night, I had got a lot of instructions from @adivik2000 as I mentioned earlier… It was time to test my memory and see if I could remember anything… Most importantly, had to make sure that I get to the beach before the sun had risen completely…


So there I was, all wide and awake, despite the lack of sleep. After all couldn’t miss the early morning sunris of Marina Beach! So I set out to go to Park Town Station, which I was told to go to in our conversations. So while I’m at the signal, I ask the traffic cop where the station is, he directs me across the highway and I keep walking… Suddenly I see Park Station, (I remember Aditya @adivik2000) telling me, there are two stations, Park and Park Town…) I ask around for Park Town and all the guys direct me to this station. Well, to my pleasant surprise, I see the station and also see  a train which is going to ‘Beach Station’


That means, I have got the right station, right?? Wrong… I also recollect, Aditya telling me to get to Lighthouse station, but that is only after I’ve boarded the train and also seen the tweet from him… Bah, too late… Looks like I was going to miss the sunrise… So I have to take another ticket and board a train to Lighthouse, which is max 10 minutes from here…


Now, I know what others feel like in Mumbai, when they get confused between Matunga and Matunga Rd… Anyways, having said that I finally reach the Lighthouse station… Viola! Right on time to catch the Sunrise…!


One of the best things about Marina beach is how the waves talk to you… They can literally whisper in your ears and show you what truly, bliss means. Close your eyes and listen to the sound and the calm against the shore… You’d be in a different world altogether. This is what we want to cherish more than anything. More than the pictures I took, this experience left a mental picture and a video in my head, which I can always go back to and enjoy!


Have you guys felt this way ever?