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Inspiration: Travel is thy name!

One of the best things that travel gives me is a soul searching ability towards looking within. Within my heart and my soul to imagine a world that exists in a transcendental boundary on a journey that knows no horizon.

I look back upon this journey of mine and ask myself sometimes. Why do I do this? Why did I start traveling when I did? What drove me, what was my inspiration? The answer to which is very easy to find if you really want to  truly answer that from the bottom of your heart.

I don’t need a reason, I don’t need an inspiration! I just need to go!

Traveling for me is a  means to life. It’s a purpose. It may not be a means to an end or for that matter a journey in itself. I may or may not explore the entire world, but today as I live, I know I have that passion, that zest, that love for the long roads, the mighty mountains, the beautiful stories and the interesting people that I meet on my sojourns. If anything defines me today it’s my insatiable hunger for the road less traveled. Today I am, therefore tomorrow I move forward. I look at myself and imagine a future where I look back upon this journey, like I did about seven years ago, when I told myself.

“I have to leave a legacy that speaks miles about my journey taken, roads traveled, mysteries of this amazing world explored.” Needless to say, my blogging has helped me document this journey of life, of an exploring and meandering soul searching traversing across many destinations. To me, that simple hunger, that thirst, that endless desire to keep pushing myself forward is my sole inspiration.

Hence, I always say to myself, “The world is waiting for me and I must go! Go seek out the passion within the beautiful boundaries of this amazing creation!”


On the road…Into the Journey…

So, I’m already on the road… After having a really nice bowl of curd rice at a restaurant on the outskirts of Pune on a moonlit night yesterday, I slept like a log, despite the loud snores of an uncle [citation needed] a few seats away from me…:P

My first morning on #SriniOnTour… somewhere near Hubli, I realise I’m already in Karnataka.. Yes that’s  where  I was born… So as I wake up to the sunrise on a misty cold morning near the warehouse of VRL I can feel the brrr in my bones. There is no breeze and yet the cold is hitting my face, pleasantly at the moment though… That’s when the thought hits me.. The feeling starts to sink in…

Yes, Srini you are already on the road. On the road for your epic journey. A journey that a couple of months ago seemed just like any other vacation you had taken…

Now is the time when it hits me, no, this is definitely different from other journeys that you have taken. Why? For so many reasons that I cannot even count on my finger, one being this blogumentary as a whole. I have slowly started realizing that this dream of mine is out there…The opportunity is mine for taking.  For one, this is the first blog post I’ve written in a bus 🙂



The bus guy, tells me I should reach Bangalore by 3.00 PM, I’m crossing my fingers, going by Bangalore traffic, although it shouldn’t be a problem especially since it’s Christmas and a Saturday!!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend and have a Merry Christmas! Do let me know how you like the pictures, all through my mobile though, haven’t inaugurated my DSLR yet 🙂 Hope you like them still…