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You Only Live Once – Why Families Should Choose Fun-Loving Florida

Florida has long been a favorite vacation destination for families around the world. Every summer, thousands of fun-and-sun-seeking families  book flights to Florida to enjoy the best of the state. What brings them to the Sunshine State?


Here are just a few reasons why Florida is the place to be this summer.

Welcome to the Sunny State

Warm and welcoming, the climate in Florida is very agreeable to lots of people. They don’t call it the Sunshine State for no reason! Yes, there’s always the chance of rain, of course, but visitors will be pleasantly surprised about how good the weather can be over there.

Bring All Your Family!

We all agree that family is important. It’s also very important in Florida, where thousands of family-oriented activities and attractions have been created to appeal to children (and adults) of all ages. From the educational, such as the exhibits at SeaWorld in Orlando, to hair-raising fun of the many rides and attractions at places such as Universal Studios, no family member will prefer to just stand and watch everyone else have all the fun. Florida has something for everyone.

Life’s a Beach (and a few Everglades!)


While a lot of the fun in Florida is undoubtedly man-made, the state’s more natural attractions also hold a lot of appeal. The weather in Florida is so good that it’s given birth to a huge beach culture. The world’s tanning addicts and sun worshipers can also be found each day lounging on Florida’s coastline, including on the South Beach in Miami. It’s not just the beaches that offer visitors somewhere to look around, but also the seas surrounding Florida. Families will be spoilt for choice as whether to pick the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico to explore. Who knows, they may even find some buried treasure in one of the shipwrecks that can be found just off the coast of Florida.

Elsewhere, the Everglades is home to wildlife and local plants , and visitors can choose to explore the untouched side of Florida’s swamp lands, where they’ll also encounter different species of turtle and exotic birds — but watch out for those alligators! You can book day trips via an air-boat tour company to the Everglades.

There’s so much to do on holiday in Florida, so don’t just while away your days there on the beach, relaxing as this may be. Check out what you and your children can do during your time in the state and see what you can discover.


Fabulous Florida

 Everyone has their own idea of a great holiday. For some, nothing beats the idea of jetting off to sun-drenched Spanish shores for a week of sea, sangria and sandcastles. Others prefer to take to the sea and enjoy a fortnight’s cruise, perhaps around the beautiful Mediterranean, or maybe to experience the magnificent Northern Lights on a fjords itinerary. For others, holding out for late deals is what it’s all about – whether that be cheap holidays to Tunisia, a budget break to the Algarve or a relaxing trip to a Greek island.

If you really want to push the boat out next year, why not consider Florida – the Sunshine State?

Considered the ultimate family holiday, and a rare treat for adults too, vacations in Florida are non-stop fun. Enjoy the company of Mickey Mouse and friends as you explore the magical world of Disneyland, and watch as your kids get acquainted with fairy princesses or discover the towers and turrets of fairytale castles. Why not take in a show or two at Sea World, and gaze open-mouthed as killer whales, dolphins and sea lions enthral the crowds with fantastic tricks and stunts. You can also test your breakfast by hopping on a hair-raising rollercoaster and screeching your way around loop-the-loops.

If you fancy a break away from the theme parks, there’s plenty more on the to-do list. Visit the Kennedy Space Station and learn all about the incredible feats of engineering that took man to the moon. Or head to the beach and enjoy the chance to kick back and relax while the kids build sandcastles, or play in the pristine shores. You could also take a trip along the stunning Florida Keys, or take a guided tour of the mysterious Everglades. This huge swampy expanse is home to all sorts of creatures great and small, from leggy wading birds to alligators – and is bound to keep everyone entertained… and on their toes.

Whatever you fancy, Florida is a simply fabulous destination that really must be experienced to be believed.