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Fourways Travels – Travel Enthusiast of the Month 😀

One of the best things about being known as a traveler and a wanderer is to share your exciting journey and your lust for travel with everyone who wants to be there and beyond! Recently Fourways Travel reached out to me to feature me in a category on their blog called ‘Travel Enthusiast of the Month’ Was happy to know that I’m one of the first in the series to come and would be watching that space to find out perspectives from people across the country who give their opinion on the way they travel.

While I don’t generally have a theme or a pattern in mind, other than ‘Backpacking,’ it was a great opportunity to pen my thoughts down on some specific questions that they asked and answer my responses!

From what inspired me to travel, to describing how my first solo travel experience was. From the best of my trips to the top on my bucket list I got to pen down some of my most favorite travel moments for others to seek inspiration towards. Something that gave me a perspective on how this journey has come out so far. Some of these questions were for them, but the answers I gave were answers to myself. As a wanderer, as a traveler, what makes me happy and what are the reasons why I travel. Well, all of it encapsulated in this interview. So go ahead, read all about it on this blog here!


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