Wandering off beyond reality


“To wander off beyond the realms of reality, sometimes you just need to travel to get back to the roots of your imagination.”

Isn’t it true? Whenever you travel you make sure that you go to the places that you have dreamed of many times. When you travel, you always make it a point to find something that you don’t get in your day to day life. You find that escapade, that solitude and that beautiful far off distant places that you wondered about every single day of your life. Travel to me is beyond finding that escape, beyond just rediscovering myself or finding my soul. Sometimes I travel to just look at the beauty that is around me. Sometimes I just travel to find an interesting observation that I won’t on a day to day basis. Many a times I travel to just look at things that I don’t pay attention to if I am living my so called ‘life.’

How do you decide where you want to travel? The truth really is, you don’t decide where you travel, it decides you. Yeah, you might say that it’s a cliche, that has been fed to many a writers, artists and now people don’t accept it the way it is meant to be. Yes, many of us make our bucket lists and travel to places that you have been wishing for many years and I fall in that category too. The truth is, no matter how much you plan, how much you travel you would never get enough of it. So don’t think about it. Travel as much as you can, travel without a goal, travel without a dream. Just travel for the sake of it, if you will. Believe in the fact that you have the world to yourself and get going on the road that you have thought of in your mind!

Just wander off! Just start traveling, just start dreaming and start believing in the fact that, no matter what you do, you’ll always keep traveling at the smallest occasion you get. Believe in the fact that you can do it and you will do it! When you look at it a few years down the line  you’ll realize how far you have come! And that’s what I do, today. I am happy! I feel and I think I am for sure. I know I can be happier, and I know I will! Cause I have a belief that that is the only goal I have in life and I will pursue it day after day until I die! Cause I believe in what I want, and what I shall get! To travel the world till I die!


2 thoughts on “Wandering off beyond reality

  1. Biswarup Ray

    Just like outer travel and outer pilgrimage there happens to be a thing like inner travel and inner pilgrimage…

    Whenever you are not at “ease”, the world around you starts appearing to be too harsh and you call that the “realm of reality” because the vast majority of us encounter that reality most of the time. If most of the people are sick in some region then sickness becomes normal in that region and health is seen as abnormal in that region. This is normal…because we are accustomed to truth being determined democratically 😉

    Whenever I face those “lows” I take extra rest to allow my body and mind to relax(which is technically called meditation). Sooner or later the “highs” return and I start feeling blissful and then I start to daydream again….that is the real reality to me 🙂

    Travelling helps to get over those low phases because travelling increases our awareness(“hosh” in hindi) by loosening the grip of our minds on our selfs. That grip of our mind on ourselves is what causes misery in the first place. People who cannot recover from that phase slowly loose their sanity.


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