Bijapur – Land of my roots

This was from my revisit to the beautiful place, my birthplace Bijapur. As a kid I remember going there a lot of times during my vacations and staying From vacations to some functions most of the times there was always someone or the other who was new to the place and that is when we used to always take tours to the city and it was always fun to go to the same places again and again for they were so wonderful! I was particularly fond of the Gol Gumbaz. Recently I got the opportunity to go to the place that I was born in and that’s when I took a tour again… Some pictures from that trip.



View from Gol Gumbaz

View from Gol Gumbaz

Lord Shiva Statue

Lord Shiva Statue


1 thought on “Bijapur – Land of my roots

  1. vijay

    Hi sinivas kulkarni,

    Nice and informative article on Bijapur and nice photos. It is good to know that you are from Bijapur. There are many places to visit in Bijapur but unfortunately, they are unpopular. There is a website which tell all about Bijapur and guides the tourist to all the places. Tourists visiting Bijapur can get real information from this website.



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