The Tiger Kid of Himalayas…

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Jaobari Terrains of HiImalayas

This was a few months back when we were trekking in the North Eastern Himalayas… The Sandakphu trek to be precise. Every once in a while you meet spirits that give you such great vision of your own life that you can’t even imagine what heights you can reach.

Buddhist Philosopher, educator & peace builder Daisaku Ikeda once said

“The human spirit is as expansive as the cosmos. This is why it is so tragic to belittle yourself or to question your worth. No matter what happens, continue to push back the boundaries of your inner life. The confidence to prevail over any problem, the strength to overcome adversity and unbound hope – all reside within you.”

This story is a true depiction of how this really applies. A lot of times we are so overwhelmed by the many tasks which we give utmost importance to, we tend to forget the real reason we are here on this planet. Many times we focus on the tasks which have no underlying purpose or very little importance, that we forget what we canย do if we stop thinking in boundaries or shed the limits. This story tells us how we as adults have stopped imagining behind certain boundaries and stopped pushing the envelope when it comes to achieving something.

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Shange Norbu of Jaobari Monastery

While trekking the Himalayas, we came across a small monastery in the Nepal side on the Indo-Nepal border. Jaobari village to be precise. We decided to visit the monastery and spend some time while catching our breath. We met the monk who lived there, Shange Norbu. Shange is another word for Buddha, he proudly told us. He gave us information about the monastery. He also told us that he teaches the kids there. We could see some kids playing outside eating some porridge in a small bowl. When we went inside, what was most striking was the utter peace and serenity which made the monastery quite blissful. Besides the striking calm, we realized that it was much warmer inside than it was outside. So that was quite a relief as we knew we had to trek a lot more and climb about 10 kms with a steep ascent.

While the others were resting, I decided to take a stroll around and click some pictures around. After getting a few shots of the breath-taking view I headed a little further, I met this kid. The kid was very playful and he was enjoying himself and doing just nothing. Generally this is probably the last point where civilization ends and the terrains start. A few houses here and there, otherwise the whole plateau after this is just mountain ranges. So most tourists who have come, would stop going further at this point while the trekkers move on to climb the magnificent Himalayas.

The Tiger Kid of Himalayas

The Tiger Kid of Himalayas

With a really nice winter cap covering his ears and a denim jacket to keep him warm, he looked very comfortable and was in his own world. His smile was innocent and his brown eyes were like deep ocean. He had a stick with him, which he held on to very closely. I took a few pictures of his and tried to initate conversation. But communication in a common language was a mystery to the both of us. We resorted to our body language and yes, eye contact… He smiled at me, I smiled back… Then he put his hands to his head.. A gesture to tell me something. ย Probably, to show me that he had great imagination. Imagination that made his mind greater than the regular one. To me it looked pretty much like the thing Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory does when he stares at you and tries to get your brain to explode… But obviously this gesture had a different meaning altogether.

Nonetheless, after a few exchange of glances and communication through our eyes, he said something… something which I didn’t understand but I asked Shange to translate, who was standing nearby. He laughed when he heard what the kid said. That made me even more curious as to what was this kid saying. I asked him to translate it to me and this is what he said.

“If you go on top, the tiger will come and kill you… But don’t worry, I’ll help you and fight him off with this stick.”

I’m not kidding, that’s exactly what he said, according to the monk. Hence the laugh. But I was blown away, blown away by the astronomical level of thinking and ultimate confidence within himself. Now, I’m pretty sure, he was told stories of great white tigers in the Singalila National Park stretch of Sandakphu. One that ‘we’ know do not exist, stories of great ‘dragon warriors’, which we think are myths and kings who have slayed tigers with their bare hands. Considering that, using a stick to kill a tiger is definitely something which is easy for him, now isn’t it?? Something he believes in and in his world, that’s how the ending of this story is. Him emerging victorious and a saviour to my life. The great hero of Jaobari as I’d like to call him. Come to think of it, it could be achieved scientifically if you hit the right spots, but that’s a different point altogether.

Do you remember as kids we had so many dreams and for us boundaries meant nothing. Do you remember as kids we wanted to go to space as astronauts, we wanted to become actors, we wanted to become cricketers and a lot more… What happened to those dreams? All that was possible and for some it became a reality. For a those who couldn’t get there, well, it’s never too late…

We have to stop putting boundaries to our thoughts, limitations, and stop compromising by just saying, life is a compromise. Actually when I recollect this story, I truly feel it isn’t… As Daisaku Ikeda says, The confidence to prevail over any problem, the strength to overcome adversity and unbound hope – all reside within you. How many of you have realized this?


19 thoughts on “The Tiger Kid of Himalayas…

  1. Jay Sanjaya

    This Himalaya trip is the most fantastic trip you have ever write Srini,..I like every single one so far,.. its so touching…

  2. sudhagee

    Cute kid. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The Himalayas is one region that I have not visited yet. Somehow my plans to this region never seem to materialise. Maybe this year will be different.

    Good luck for the contest !

    1. srinistuff Post author

      Hi Sudhagee,

      Thanks for the comment. Yes he was very cute… Thanks for your wishes. They say, the Himalaya calls you… so when it does, I’m sure you’ll go… Trust me.. I’m going there btw, for a trek in Himachal in May…. Sarkundi Pass, through YHAI… Have you heard of the place?

  3. Babli

    The Tiger kid of Himalaya is brave & confident and it does matter a lot for him as he has been taught to live so but he is unaware of his future & it doesn’t matter…..

    He would rather dream of becoming a King of Himalaya one day….his life is an ‘Art of Living’ rather than thinking big, living a stressful life like us…….Overall I love the way he is living, thinking, behaving & would love to live such life………

  4. srinistuff Post author

    Indeed… Its his uninhibited ambition that drives him. Tells adults that, when it comes to creativity and will power… If you will it then you can do it!! Like a quote from Chariots of Fire..

    Harold M. Abrahams: If I can’t win, I won’t run!
    Sybil Gordon: If you don’t run, you can’t win.

  5. Dreamer

    Hey Srini…very nice piece, and you’ve really explained it very nicely.I Imagined the whole story and right you are as you said that we often limit our boundaries…instead we must push them hard to achieve something that appears unattainable at times.

  6. Uday Mane (@The_Allegorist)

    They say that the mountains make a man stronger not just in the muscles but in the heart too. There cannot be a better depiction of this than the story you have portrayed. The courage these people carry in there heart is one to applaud. Great work, wish I could meet this kid myself.

  7. quicktraveler

    incredible! this is amazing! i bet you had such a feeling of peace inside… i always wanted to go to tibet , actually i am planning on going next year( if the world doesn’t end lool) … im looking up some places to arrange vacation rentals . what do you think it is the best way to travel over there ? thanks a lot


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