Magical Rishikesh – Uttarakhand Chronicles

This was another one of the destinations that had the magic and enchantment of the natural beauty that surrounds you. One of the reasons besides of course the travel enthusiasm that I had to visit the famous Ram & Laxman Jhoola at this destination, was to go to the Parmarth Temple. I was told that every evening the aarti that happens here is truly spiritual and that this quest is not to be missed.

On the banks of River Ganga, across the temple worshipers sit in front of a majestic Lord Shiva statue behind the Parmarth Ashram temple… It is truly a magnificent view and something that I wanted to experience it myself. But that had to wait. Before we did that on a beautiful evening, we decided to explore in and around Rishikesh. It was certainly very amazing as we went out for a stroll at night towards Laxman Jhoola and explored the shops that sold amazing handicraft and artworks across the river…

Laxman Jhoola At Night...
Laxman Jhoola At Night…

The whole experience of looking at the gigantic bridge which has lasted there for ages takes you off your feet. You keep wondering how long it’s been hanging there… Well certainly about a 100 years. But what’s important is how quickly it takes you from one side to the other and you wonder how the sight completely changes. Once you get on the other side, you can take a long walk towards Ram Jhoola and other places that are even more enchanting. But the long walk makes you ponder how you got there in the first place.

Some really great work you find in the shops when you walk past them across the bridge. This is when you are walking towards Ram Jhoola.

That’s a sight of the Laxman Jhoola during the day… All buzzing and clear… Very few people really take the time to admire the sight of this amazing heritage! Most regulars just walk by it nonchalantly. Little do they know that this has great significance for many people and how beautifully arduous this majestic architectural symbol is…

Ram Jhoola
Ram Jhoola

Now, that’s the Ram Jhoola. Much bigger and more magnificent than the Laxman Jhoola. Incidentally we were told by one of the locals, that even though it’s called the Ram Jhoola, it didn’t really carry any significance to Lord Ram. In fact this bridge was made for Lord Shiva, as you can also see in the Shiva Statue near the Parmarth temple… However, since there was a Laxman Jhoola, (near to the oldest Laxman Temple in Rishikesh)  they decided to credit this one as Ram Jhoola…

Lord Shiva at the Parmarth Temple
Lord Shiva at the Parmarth Temple

As the evening sets in around 5.30, I recommend that you drop all the work you are doing and head towards this beautifully amazing and enchanting place called the Parmarth temple and set yourself for a showstopper that will spiritually heal you and take your breath away. It truly did for me. Sitting across this magnificent statue while the river Ganga flows steadily and voraciously under it’s feet, it gives you a clear view of what you want to see. There are no cloudy judgements, there is no way to think beyond anything that is blurry. Just clear view and conscious thought. They start the Maha Aarti around 6.30, but the best thing to do is to go and seat yourselves on either side of the steps that are near the river. With the cold water gushing at your feet, an enchanting spiritual chant at the back of your head, this is true devotion. Something that will make you think about what the true meaning of life is. A MUST-DO if you are in Rishikesh.

This had to be one of the best experiences there and I have to attribute it to the most beautiful and enchanting place there is in Uttarakhand. If you have ever been there or planning to go there. Do let me know what your views are…


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  1. Biswarup Ray

    Please consider posting on google+ instead of here. On google+ I get automatic updates as part of my stream, here I have check from time to time, which is cumbersome by todays standards.

    1. srinistuff Post author

      Thanks for your suggestion Biswarup. 🙂 While that’s a valid point. This Blog is something which I own, whereas content on Google+ is not mine in terms of ownership and copyright. P.S You can subscribe to my blog and you don’t have to come here time to time at all. My posts will land in your mail straightaway! And once you do that, you’ll start getting my posts, especially the ones of our Darjeeling trek that I’ll write soon 🙂 Hope you do subscribe.

  2. Preeti S

    Please let me know when did you make your visit. I read that in Sep 2010 the huge Shiva idol got washed away in the flood. When you went there, did you see the same shiva idol? Please do let me know.



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