Walking Along… Road Less traveled

“Soon I’d be free… Love, Life… Walking by the desires of my dreams on the crooked roads of my destiny.”

This I say to myself with great pleasure for I take pride in my travel… I want to find myself a destiny, as crooked as it sounds or looks like… Without living a lie to myself or to anyone else. Sometimes I just feel like taking this wild trip into the adventurous dreamscapes of my wilderness. Sometimes I think of stopping time without having a notion of what it really meant.

They say you live life only once… Once is what you need, and what you can get. But sometimes I say to myself… that once is never enough… I’d have to be born again and again in my dreams to say to myself that I need this more than once. So I decided to anyways figure a way out…

Pretty soon, I’d be taking the road less travelled, chalking out maps and hoping for a great dream, waiting to happen. Take off every month for about 10 days, just to live for myself… Live without the world as we know it. Live for a greater search, spiritual and metaphysical. Every month I’d get time for myself to give my goals a shot. My dreams to be fulfilled without the fear of losing what I have at the helm of what we all end up looking for as ‘Life.’ Truth be told, life is out there… and not really here… So I’m all set to trudge on that path along the crooked roads of my destiny. Wherever they take me I’d say, bring it on….

For now, I don’t know where I need to be, what I need to do, but I know this… I have to get out there… Out there without the fear of letting go. Without the question of what, why, when and how… get out there without self-doubt, discontentment, resent or for that matter the true question of what is success and what is failure.

So without asking many questions to myself I thought of what would I want to do with this thought of discovery and the thought of the real plan being in my head and where would I really want to go… For now, the answer is, ‘I don’t really know’ but what I can do is, chalk out a bucket list… A bucket list for me to travel to.. Places that I would really want to go and something that I want to do, not for just the sheer joy of traveling, but for a destiny that lies beyond my comprehension. For now, let’s just say this is something I have to do… I have to do for this is what I believe in…

What is this belief you ask? Well, random thoughts that I know have a meaning… I know them now because ultimately I have a master plan… A master plan which cannot be divulged, as it won’t be a master plan then… It won’t make sense as much now, I know it won’t… But somewhere down the line, I’d come back and then I’d know… Why I wrote this post and what it meant to me and why I decided to take these roads less traveled. One day I’d realize how this whole ‘master plan’ fits in the grander scheme of things. How the beauty of these words make bigger and a much stronger sense of belief.  I know, there’s a reason for that too and there might be some changes that would come along the way… Nonetheless, it’s all part of a plan… I know, cause I had to… Cause, It was meant to be… Yep, meant to be… This side or the other…

“Soon I’d be free… Love, Life… Walking by the desires of my dreams on the crooked roads of my destiny.”



4 thoughts on “Walking Along… Road Less traveled

  1. Vibha

    Not that I understand completely what you feel but I know what you mean, in my own little ways, I really do. Of course, one life is what you have got but living it multiple times, being born again and realising it would be a bliss. I have a lot to see in life and I am waiting for that moment too arrive when I say, yes this is what I always wanted to do.
    All the best! I am happy that you have found peace in something and you are following it passionately. Go ahead! Fly.. but keep in touch 🙂 Good luck!

    1. srinistuff Post author

      Hey thanks… It was picked off the net… There is a reason why I picked the picture… Look at the first quote of the article 🙂 Ya, hopefully the book should work out just fine… 🙂


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