The Brihadisvara Temple – Thanjavur

Now, this is one of the most amazing temples I’ve ever visited here… Not just because of it’s rustic look, but also cause it’s a refreshing change from more or less similar temples I’ve visited earlier… So after Trichy was done with, I decided to take a bus to Thanjavur, about 60 Kms from Trichy… it took me about 2 hours… to reach the temple…


There are two bus stands in Thanjavur… The NEW bus stand and the OLD Bus stand. The Brihadisavara temple is near the Old bus stand. So, you take a bus to Periyacoel (Don’t know how it’s spelt but pronounced as Peh-ree-yaa-coyel) Once you get near the old bus stand, you gotta get off and there you are…




Brihadisavara Temple

A view from the street - Brihadisvara temple

A little information about this really amazing temple, this I found inside the temple… and without wasting any time, took a snap of it so that I could post it for you guys…

Brihadisvara Temple: The ambitious Brihadisvara temple by Rajaraja – I was begun in 1003 and completed in 1010 CE. It was dedicated to Siva represented by a linga (3.66m High) and named Rajarajesvaramyudar after the king himself. The complex has  the main temple with five subshrines for Chandikeshvara, Amman, Subramanaya, Ganesa and Karuvur Deva…

Thanjavur & the Cholas: Too much to type, just click on the image and it will be enlarged… Viola you’ll get all the info you need 😛

Too much to type...:P

Too much to type...:P

Wall Paintings near Lingas

Wall Paintings near Lingas







These are a few paintings inside the Lingas… Did not take photos of the Lingas though… I have my reasons.. these paintings however tell a lot of stories and there are series of them…



That's Krishna

That's Krishna










We all know this story of how Krishna killed one of Kansa’s asura’s who tried to poison him with her breast milk… Don’t we??



Chandakasvara Subshrine

Chandikesvara Subshrine


A distant view of the subshrine

A distant view of the subshrine





Was just lurking around, when I quickly got this angle.. really enchanting 🙂



Lord Ganesha himself, inside the temple

Lord Ganesha himself, inside the temple


Temple @ Sunset

Temple @ Sunset


Waited quite a while to get this snap.. Cloudy as it was, always struggling to get something like this… Besides, the aura of the whole temple, just didn’t make me feel like I should leave the place… Was really beautiful and enchanting…




2 thoughts on “The Brihadisvara Temple – Thanjavur

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  2. NameFieldEmpty

    One of my favouritest temples in TN. Never ceases to overwhelm me.
    Post more pics of the temple and the Nandhi please. Heard a story that the nandhi used to run away and graze on the fields around the temple, so it had its leg broken. 🙂


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