On the road…Into the Journey…

So, I’m already on the road… After having a really nice bowl of curd rice at a restaurant on the outskirts of Pune on a moonlit night yesterday, I slept like a log, despite the loud snores of an uncle [citation needed] a few seats away from me…:P

My first morning on #SriniOnTour… somewhere near Hubli, I realise I’m already in Karnataka.. Yes that’s  where  I was born… So as I wake up to the sunrise on a misty cold morning near the warehouse of VRL I can feel the brrr in my bones. There is no breeze and yet the cold is hitting my face, pleasantly at the moment though… That’s when the thought hits me.. The feeling starts to sink in…

Yes, Srini you are already on the road. On the road for your epic journey. A journey that a couple of months ago seemed just like any other vacation you had taken…

Now is the time when it hits me, no, this is definitely different from other journeys that you have taken. Why? For so many reasons that I cannot even count on my finger, one being this blogumentary as a whole. I have slowly started realizing that this dream of mine is out there…The opportunity is mine for taking.  For one, this is the first blog post I’ve written in a bus 🙂



The bus guy, tells me I should reach Bangalore by 3.00 PM, I’m crossing my fingers, going by Bangalore traffic, although it shouldn’t be a problem especially since it’s Christmas and a Saturday!!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend and have a Merry Christmas! Do let me know how you like the pictures, all through my mobile though, haven’t inaugurated my DSLR yet 🙂 Hope you like them still…



8 thoughts on “On the road…Into the Journey…

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  2. vatsalad

    good show! will be tracking your journey – I am totally curious at the way you have handled the social media for your tour so far – a twitter handle, a travel plan on everlater , a facebook photo journal and a blogumentary. And a slideshare presentation for all this!!

    Following #sriniontour ! 🙂

    1. srinistuff Post author

      Thanks Vatsala… I have tried my best… Now the rest is upto how the journey pans out. Do keep following, The best is yet to come 🙂 And yea, spread the word too 🙂

  3. Dee

    Good Luck w/ the #tour Srini…….. hope things goes exactly as you planned it. And yes inaugurate the DSLR asap… don’t want to miss those B’ful things you encounter in ur trip…. btw like the 3rd click.. *Sunrise* one.

    1. srinistuff Post author

      It was great… My twitter profile says I’m about to film the valley of flowers??? Which profile r u looking at?? mine is twitter.com/srinistuff


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