Bangalore – Nov 2010 – Garden City Tour

Bangalore… the garden city as most of them say… Yes this is the city which I will always cherish and love to be part of.. Afterall it’s my hometown… Lot’s of memories from childhood and certainly a lot of my friends, relatives and many more people I know live here. But besides all that, I love the city for it’s eternally beautiful weather. The perennial pleasant weather is something that enchants me always. So this time around, I came down in November… Diwali to celelbrate… but just as least expected… rain came down on me… certainly a sign I did not expected… GnR – November Rain was certainly not a possibility in India… But yea, it happened. Not bad  I must say, loved the beautiful weather though. Helped me travel easy and comfortably too…

Since, it was going to be a short tour I had to make sure that I go to the important places and really get nice shots. One of my favorites was always the ‘Lalbagh’ what beauty in the botanical garden…Sigh… Miss that place now. Great shots that I got and majorly I’m a big fan of the amazing ‘Glass House’… Then a few shots from the Vidhan Sabha, the Bangalore palace and last but not least, a few from the Court House, our very own Lal Quila of Bengalooru..

It was certainly a trip to remember, I should say. Hope you have enjoyed reading the blog and the pics. I loved the two dogs fighting for food, I got in at the right moment 🙂 Tell me which one is your favorite. What say folks?



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