Tiger Hills – July 2010

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This trip was another one of our impromptu rides, wake up early in the morning and just head off to Lonavala. That’s how generally we go out. Hop, skip and ride/drive to wherever we want to. So my friend called me up early on a Sunday Morning, and there began our plan. Certainly a Sunday during the rains was one of the best ideas to head up to Tiger Hills. A mist covered foggy mountain and some beer with corn bhajiyas… Couldn’t have asked for a  better Sunday morning. So we head off to the place in his car and picked up his bike as  well. We were about 5 people in the car and 2 on the bike. Splendid weather with rains pouring on us and the misty mountains waiting for our journey to come to a halt at the beautiful location up in the mountains.

One of the best things while going up the Tiger Hills, is the beautiful curvy roads that stretch out and the view that you see is truly something you would want to remember forever. Remarkable one at that. The closer you get to the top, the foggier it gets… the altitude is one thing, the views are another. But most amazing thing is, once you reach on top, you enjoy every second of the beauty of the weather, most importantly the cold and serene waterfalls!

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