Indore – May 2010

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A quick and a really long drive to the ‘Heart of India’ Indore in Madhya Pradesh.  Had some urgent work, didn’t know how to go, just picked up a change of clothes, jumped into the car and headed off. 650 odd kms and an insomniac night travel meant by the time we went there, it was getting to work without any sleep. We hadn’t slept for 27-30 hours. 13 hours of drive… That was some trip… The warm dry air blowing in our face was the ultimate experience.

Slept in the dhaba at night, ate baked samosas, poha jalebi, kachori… that was our breakfast, lunch and dinner!  But the most rejuvenating and amazing thing for a traveller like me is the beauty of the journey and these amazing snaps….

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