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Bio: Wandering Thinker, Pondering Writer… Travel Blogger, Technology  and Startup Enthusiast, Avid Social Web user.  Audiobook and Podcast lover, I enjoy reading and I aspire to write a book someday.

While this is my travel blog I also have a personal blog focused on my passion for Social Media, Creative Writing, Technology, Random Ramblings, Short stories, Mythology and personal stuff @ www.srinistuff.in 

Travel Writer – From being a casual blogger and creative writer since 2005 I slowly found interest towards Travel Blogging and have done loads of travelogues on this blog since then. My journey as a travel blogger began in March’ 2008. It all started with an on the spur of the moment trip to Goa. Something which I call #SriniOnTour… Rugged travels, backpacking my way across the country is what my travels are mostly about. More madness, less luxury. More dreams, less reality… I’m aspiring to become a published full time travel writer.  Finally my  long term goal is to utilize these travel experiences to author a book, hopefully soon!

My Travel Map: http://bit.ly/sriniontour

Also check Out my On-The-Go  Tumblelog Travelogue

My Personal Blog, mostly anything else besides travel: www.srinistuff.in

My Travel Page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/backpackerforever

Aspiring Author – This is just preview to my early and first amateur work in novel writing and hope to grow more to be able to publish my own Novel based on my travel experiences.


This book talks about a journey. A journey that an author takes to share someone’s love, trials and tribulations and how hope wants to surmount against all odds. How the protagonist, Samir, who is in love with Naina… yet doesn’t know if he will be able to survive the odds. This book is about the story of Samir’s life told to the author by Naina the girl who is in love with Samir  and willing to do anything for him before the final chapter unfolds…

My other Experience

Manager – Social Media @ Social WavelengthI’ve worked with Social Wavelength for 4 years working in various roles within the then startup and now established ad funded leading social media agency in the country. They include : Blogger, Community Manager, Moderator, Subject Matter Expert, Corporate blogging, research, knowledge resource, mentor and social media guide / strategist. An ex-training and development guy, I started blogging in 2005   and grew fond of the use of social web. I’ve been actively advocating it ever since and am trying to strive forward in this business. 

Contributor @ Social Samosa: Social Samosa is a knowledge repository talking about social media scenario in India to shore up this growth.  At Social Samosa I write to share my learning on issues that matter to businesses, brands and users in this Social Era of business.  

Technology Evangelist: A hardcore lover of technology, coding, Linux and Open Source freak, gadgets, new media, social media and digital marketing, I enjoy learning and talking about new technology.  I’ve worked as a Community / Developer evangelist for Intel Software Network / Intel Developer Zone’s social media communities (India/Asia Pacific)

Tech and Startup Columnist @ ZDNet:I write about the flourishing startup ecosystem in India and articles around the tech happenings in the country.   

Connect with me At:



me [at] srinistuff [dot] com

Srinivas Kulkarni

11 responses to “About srinistuff”

  1. Mohan Nanwani says :

    Hi Srini,

    It was nice to know this side of yours…I was one of the most surprised person when I heard about you moving out of Spanco.

    However it seems you would have never discovered this side of yours in its true sense had u not moved out…

    Trust u are doing well professionally.

    Do call me when you have time. My number remains same 09320608191. Have lost yours…

    Mohan Nanwani

    • srinistuff says :

      Hey Mohan…

      Thanks for your comment… Well, this side of me existed before Spanco… however had not paid much attention to it during Spanco… Now that I’m into Writing and a job tht involves the same, I’m getting more time… :) Doing all well professionally… Hope is the same with you :) Will msg you my number. And as I always believe… Everything happens for a reason….

  2. rajiv(bugs bunny) says :

    nice site bro did u did this all!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nishant says :

    Hi Srini! I found you somewhere in wordpress forum and… now I am here. I love to see WP blogs on custom domain. I am going to read your posts. You write poems? I’m going to check that category first :)

  4. Gopal Garg says :

    Hi Srini, Mountains, beaches, sunsets and rivers, you have all this in your blog. I love travelling and post occasionally on http://adventurousgopal.wordpress.com. Your blog is unique. It brings nature’s unique facets to the readers.

  5. sharmadipti says :


    I stumbled upon your blog and loved it.

    I have recently started a travel blog. If you could look at it and provide some honest feedback.


    • srinistuff says :

      Thanks Dipti! Glad you loved my travel blog! You’re starting off well too. Read your blog and I loved your post on Kanyakumari… I was mesmerized by the place and it’s one of my favorites… :) South India is very beautiful in landscape, Keep it up! Good work!

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