Final Stop – Rimbick Basecamp (Sandakphu Trekking Diaries)

After having spent more than a week wandering across mountains of Himalayas, with a hope to witness the beauty of the Kanchenjunga we had hoped for a better ending especially when we had reached Sandakphu. Bearing the freezing cold of Sandakphu at 14000 feet was all worth it and could have been a complete experience, had we witnessed to see the Kanchenjunga peaks up close and personal especially from the top most point of that beautiful location. Nonetheless, we salvaged some of the situation after our alighting to Gurdum was truly enchanted by the stay there. Since we got down sooner than on other days, we had a lot more time to spend in Gurdum and we had made the most of it with the beautiful, serene and silent cottage at that camp.

While we did that, we were really hopeful that there was a lot more to the Himalayan trek than just this… Sadly, the time for the trek was about to come to an end. We were to alight to the final destination on this trek after Gurdum camp. Yes, of course, there would be civilization, local markets, hot water to shower, lesser cold and very little clenching of teeth… But that was all worth it when you come up to these heights. A world of it’s own, you began to be enchanted and somewhere deep in your mind make up a world of your own… Something that you would always want to enjoy without having to let go of the experiences that you underwent. We all had that kind of a feeling. The place was much more relaxed, by this time all of us had began to understand each other a lot more. Some had drifted from their regular group and joined others… We had bonded very well in a span of this week… Once we reach the basecamp, we knew all that was going to be over… With our goodbyes and farewells, we knew we may not be able to spend much time later. So I guess, this was that one last trip as they say… One last shot at making the most of our entire journey.

With that thought in our mind, we set off on a journey towards civilization, a last descend downwards to the chaos of life. One that we all had missed for days, but never complained. Such was this journey and such are treks of these kinds, especially in the Himalayan terrains, terrains where there is peace and redemption.

Himalayas, Sandakphu, Darjeeling
The final journey begins…

We started our last trekking bit on this expedition with a stride in our step and a heavy heart… Nonetheless, we had to make sure that this last journey was going to be full of great memories and beautiful pictures. We were hoping this terrain to be a bit different.

Villager Farmboy
Mhane Chandra

On our way we met Mhane Chandra. He was going up to cut firewood. To him, this sickle is going to be a life, a life full of what his parents told him about… A life full of dreams and a life that will provide him and his family what they need… But who will guarantee that these forests and the trees will last long? A question that I wonder for his future…

 While there was descent, we had to walk through some of these paths, where we had to carefully tread along the sides and worry about not slipping down the cliff…
Norgyal Sherpa Memorial

Norgyal Sherpa Memorial

While alighting, we found a few small villages within the mountains. There we also found this. And this was something which took my breath away and held my head high and hands close to my forehead, to salute the heroism of this small village within the descents of the great eastern Himalayas. This is a great story of a local lad, who gave his life for our Country… It’s a War Memorial in this Sherpa’s name… of the Gorkha regiment… A salute to Norgyal Sherpa.

Srikhola River
Srikhola River

This was one of the popular landmarks on this route. Once you know you’ve reached the Srikhola River, you know you’re 5 kms away from Rimbick.

Bridge over Srikhola River
Bridge over Srikhola River
Nishing Leng
Nishing Leng
Nishing Leng
Nishing Leng

That’s Nishengleng, cute kid… we were walking past her school and she saw my camera.. She said, take my picture… We did and she said Namaste to us… besides the picture, she enjoyed some great candies which we dished out ;)

From then on, it was just a little bit for us to walk to the base camp… And that would mark the end of a journey, beginning of a cherished memoirs something to remember for…

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7 responses to “Final Stop – Rimbick Basecamp (Sandakphu Trekking Diaries)”

  1. rajarshi says :

    Hello Srini,

    The piece is a very nice read. We are planning to go to Sandakphu on 5th Apr, 2012. Can you please let me know a small piece of info – whether is it mandatory to take guide/porter from Maneybhanjan during the trek. We have info that they don’t allow to trek unless you take a guide…. So please let us know whether is it true??

    • srinistuff says :

      Thanks Rajashri. Yes it is mandatory to take a guide. But don’t worry, there is a guides association that allocates and takes responsibility of the guides..we went with yhai. You van call this guide if he’s free and if he doesn’t mind taking new people.. They have turns that’s why… His name is Balram and he’s a nice chap. Here’s his number 09733281453

  2. rajarshi says :

    Thanks a ton for your detailed reply. I have just become a member of YHAI some days back. Though this trek we will do it on our own….

  3. rajarshi says :

    Hi Srini,

    Can you please let me know whether is it possible to trek in the night from Maneybhanjan to towards Meghma. Actually we will be reaching Maneybhanjan on 05.04.12 probably in the afternoo @2:00 or 3:00PM. So we want to take a guide and start our trek ASAP. Actually our trek is a very short one. We have to reach Sandakfu on 06.04.12 as this trek is a gift to one of my friends who fantasises about moonlit Kanchandzonga & 6th April will a fullmoon night. So we want to start our trek on 5th April itself…. So please let us know whether is it possible to continue our trek in the night so that on 5th itself we can reach Lamaydhura/ Meghma…..

  4. rajarshi says :

    Hi Srini,

    1 more query. I know I am now irritating you! Sorry for that. Can you please let me know a) For how many days the permit to Singalila National Park are valid? b) Whether is it necessary to carry any original ID card/ photo to get the permit??

    • srinistuff says :

      Hey, sorry wasn’t logged in for a while… Permit is required only while entering I think.. We exited from Rimbick… But I don’t think anyone bothers to check it later… No need to carry any ID proof, but if you do have it along it’s good.

  5. Himalayas is Home says :

    Wonderful people Photos! Keep traveling and posting.

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