Kumarakom Sunset – Lakeview from my cottage

Since I’d been travelling a lot, I decided to just relax and unwind the next day and take a few pictures of nearby areas in Kumarakom and most importantly, since I have such a beautiful Lake view cottage, make sure I take out my tripod courtesy (@thecoffeenazi) and shoot a really good compilation of the sunset by the cottage… So I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

P.S If you ever come to Kumarakom and want this perfectly beautiful lake view cottage home-stay then you can contact Mr. Anil Kumarar – +91- 9995626969


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6 responses to “Kumarakom Sunset – Lakeview from my cottage”

  1. Babli says :

    Such a beautiful Sunset and would love to be there. Your blog can inspire anyone to love and care nature.

  2. Prasanna Sankar P.G. says :

    I love them! Wish there were no clouds…

  3. srinistuff says :

    Well there weren’t many clouds… but yea the view is great… :) Isn’t it?

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